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I am a Jumla- An Interview With Godse

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//Lokesh Malti Prakash//

A couple of years back Mr Nathuram Godse’s atma got the news that there is a renewed interest in him and his deeds in India or Aryavarta ever since the deshbhakt government has come to power in Delhi. Enthused by the news, Mr Godse applied for a travel visa to earth. He was facing a lot of problems getting the requisite clearances. Apparently, bureaucratic red-tape has somehow found its way to Yamaraj’s office as well. The babus were not letting Godse’s file move without something in return. And when it moved, it so happened that the top officer was some congressi  brat who wouldn’t let Godse visit the earth. Godse pulled some strings in heaven and some on earth as well. Finally, a fierce woman on earth gave a shap to that officer and he was transferred immediately. So, Godse got his travel visa to India. While on his earthly visit, I somehow got a chance to interview him before he went for a long samadhi in the newly built cave at Kedarnath. Presenting some snapshots of the interview here.   

Question – Mr Godse, how does it feel to be in headlines again after so many decades.

Godse – Awesome! I would like to thank the Sadhvi for doing such a favour to me. Ever since the deshbhakts came to power I was hopeful of getting a place. You know, I have challenged Hitler that now I have more followers on earth than him. If he loses he has to drink gau mutra. I told him, only gau mutra can make him true aryan.   

Question – But the PM said he was unhappy. That he would never forgive Sadhvi from his heart.

Godse – He is the PM. He has to appease so many people. That is the vice of democracy. You have to please everybody.

Question – But saying that he won’t forgive means the Sadhvi has done something gravely questionable.

Godse – See, it is election time. Election time is jumla time.

Question – That means the PM is merely uttering a jumla and not the truth?

Godse – Truth is what we make people believe to be true.

Question – Some people say you are a deshbhakt. Is it jumla or the truth?

Godse – It depends on the observer…

Question – Not the person saying so?

Godse – For him it can be a jumla. He knows he is throwing a jumla. But he also knows that it will be received as truth. That is the power of jumla. It is as illusionary as the PM forgiving someone from his heart – you need a heart for that – and yet it is as true as the PM saying that he will never forgive someone from his heart.

Question – But what do you think? Are you a deshbhakt?

Godse – I am a jumla.

Question – That means it’s all a falsehood?

Godse – Not falsehood but feel good. You feel good by a jumla that is its objective. That is the acche din. You have to feel good from within. You can feel good selling pakodas, or cleaning vehicles or selling tea. You can feel good by murdering. The sensation of feel good is much much greater that good feelings. I am not mincing words here. In our Indian philosophy everything is maya. That essentially means that the world is a grand jumla at work. So, you are already trapped in jumlas. Why blame me for just adding a few here. The only way out is getting moksha not nyaya. It’s a mirage.

Question – But don’t people need nyaya more than moksha?

Godse – People don’t know what they need. Did anyone say that he needs jumla? No. But the deshbhakt party knew that people need jumla. And they served it amply. For seven decades, secular governments starved the people. The deshbhakt government fed their empty stomachs with jumlas. That’s an achievement.

Question – So, you live in clouds up there. Did any satellite spot your heavenly abode ever?

Godse – Not at all. That’s the benefit of living in clouds. Satellites or radars cannot detect you ever. That’s how I landed India without Trump noticing any movement in the sky!

Thereafter Mr Godse left for his samadhi.

The writer is an activist, writer, poet and translator based in Bhopal.



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