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Unnao rape case: Kuldeep Sengar to be tried under POCSO for rape and kidnapping

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A Delhi court on Friday framed charges against expelled BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar for allegedly raping a minor in 2017. The court ordered the framing of charges under various charges, including rape, criminal conspiracy, and kidnapping.

Since the vicitm was a minor at the time fo the incident in 2017, the judge directed the charges to be framed under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. 

On July 28th, the rape survivor met with an accident where a truck rammed into the car she was traveling with her lawyer and two aunts to Raebareli court. While the two aunts didnt survive, the survivor and her lawyer suffered fatal injuries and are now airlifted to AIIMS, Delhi for treatment. The survivor is battling a severe blood infection making her treatment difficult.

BJP MLA Sengar and the accomplices also framed for criminal conspiracy

The CBI told the court yesterday that Sengar and his brother had assaulted the father of the girl and framed him in an Arms Act case, accusing him of possessing a country-made pistol and four live cartridges. This was done in collusion with three state police officials and five others. These three police officials, accused in the case of assaulting the survivor’s father, included the then Makhi police station’s in-charge Ashok Singh Bhadauria, Sub Inspector Kamta Prasad and Constable Amir Khan.


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